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All you need is LOVE…

February has proved to be another notch on our blog post. Valentines day was a hit at Viva Las Vegas Weddings. We had fairytale weddings that you definately wanted to write home about. The Brides were decked out and looking their best, as were the Grooms who were dashingly handsome standing along side them.

I have posted some of the photos I was able to take on an otherwise BUSY day. Whew! What fun we had watching dreams come true. Please remember, I am not a photographer, these photos were captured on my cell phone-the smart phone did all of the work. Ha!

In my two years here at Viva Las Vegas, I have come to realize that every Bride is different. It is truly a joy to see the many different wedding dresses and costumes that y’all come up with. It’s amazing too, how every Bride has a certain glow about her. You can usually spot a Bride a mile away, even if she isn’t in a traditional gown. I just love that!

So I say cheers to you ladies and gentlemen and remember, it doesn’t get any better after the wedding….It gets WONDERFUL! Blessings to you, and happily ever after to you too.

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Your Chauffeur Diana

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