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Las Vegas Wedding and a Tea Party Part I-

Las Vegas Weddings and a Tea Party Part I

Hi, it’s me Diana your loyal Viva Las Vegas Chauffeur. It’s January 17th and I am informed by my manager Victoria, who is from England that I have a 5 o’clock tee time. Splendid, so I bring my clubs to work and I am ready for a great round of golf.

4:30 rolls around and so does the Yorkshire tea truck? What? Isn’t

Viva Las Vegas Weddings
The Happy Couple

it passed high tea? Well, let me put it to you this way, I guess it’s high time we stop and have some Yorkshires tea! Ooooh I love it. Stop and smell the roses and stop and have a bit of tea. Aw, now I see, I had been invited to a tea party. My last one was in 1970. I was 8. No need to do the math…I’m 21 now-Ha!

Well, I must say, stopping in the middle of my day and relaxing with a cup of tea was simply, lovely. Mmmm Yorkshires tea with a splash of milk is my new fancy. So, if you find yourself a bit tee’d off and in need of a break..make it a Yorkshires tea to settle the day.

I think it’s TEA-RIFIC! Tea for two and you for me we’ll see how happy we could be, la la la la da do da do.

A marriage made in Las Vegas. The Yorkshire Tea Company chose Viva Las Vegas on their world tour to visit for their national campaign to bring Brits in the USA a proper brew (who knew). Follow the Little Urn-Yorkshire tea truck.  I Viva Las Vegas take you Yorkshire Tea to be my partner in life. Stay tuned for the part ll blog of the Tea Party at Viva Las Vegas Weddings.

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