Las Vegas Weddings in the New Year

 Are your days numbered? Are you considering a Las Vegas Wedding in the New Year? When you think of your wedding day, do you think of lucky numbers or do you think of symbolic numbers? Or is it the way it sounds, like 1-1-11. Hey, that makes you number 1!  Or is 1-11-11 a special day for you? We caaaaan accommodate you.

7-7-7 was really the beginning of the over the top number of weddings shared on that day. I was married on 7-4-7 and it was difficult finding a bakery that would accommodate me, due to the influx of 7-7-7 weddings in the city. There were approximately 4500 wedding ceremonies performed on that day in Las Vegas alone!

Did you know that the average human heart weighs 11 pounds? Well, that might make a fine wedding day just because it’s a matter of the heart. Is that where the term sweetheart comes from? Awwww.

New Years day is just around the corner and some have chosen the 1-1-11 date to say it is the beginning, or the entering into, of the New Year together as 1. There you go, there’s that 1 again.

Is it because you are in Vegas that the numbers are significant? Is your lucky number 11 or 1? Do you plan on playing one? With a knick-knack paddy whack on the Roulette table? Whatever your reason, if your Sweetheart says “you’re still the one”, why not make New Years 1-1-11 your special day? Keep in mind ladies… he’ll always remember your anniversary- that’s incentive enough.

So, if it’s a Las Vegas Wedding in the New Year for you? Race to the alter, and $100 will hold your reservation and give you time to put those final touches on your day. Ask your reservationista’ about adding ‘a la-cart items to personalize your wedding celebration.

Best wishes in advance to those of you waiting in the wings, and congrats-to those of you who have booked your wedding. We look forward to serving you. Call us at 702-384-0771 for more information or view our many ( too many to mention) wedding packages at in both traditional or theme style weddings. I love to love you baby….





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