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~10-10-10 Photo Menagerie from Viva Las Vegas…

          It was nuptial insanity on 10-10-10 at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel with a whopping 205 recorded weddings! We had such a wonderful time finally meeting and greeting all of our 10-10-10 couples that I had to share the few photos I did have time to take. Our lovely Brides were so much fun. Now, the morning after was not pretty~ we were tiiiired. However, nonetheless thrilled to see so many happy couples finally make it to the alter. We were covered by most all of the local media, including the major networks. There were Brides with smiles everywhere you turned.  It was a beautiful day, and we thank all of the newly married and renewed couples for a fabulous weekend. Oh, and for those of you that are thinking of an 11-11-11 wedding… 

We have been taking reservations, and we believe it too will fill in fast. My recommendation to those who want to book an 11-11-11 wedding is… book it in a hurry! It too, will be the only time we see this in 100 years! Go to for more information. Or, give us a ring at 702-384-0771 a small deposit will hold your wedding reservation.

Until next time, ~ Diana

~They’re Creepy and They’re Kooky….



Viva Las Vegas Weddings is closed for the night. Good night Kalin, good night Jamie, good night John boy. It’s eleven o’clock and we all zoom out of the parking lot. I am in my car, when suddenly I recall…what I forgot. Ughhhhhh, so I make my way back into the Chapel past the prop room towards the employees lounge. I forgot my once heated lasagne in the midst of being soo busy. I figure it will be a quick turnaround, so I won’t even turn on the lights.

          I will just…..Whoa! What was that? A loud thump, and it’s coming from the direction of the closet. Thaaat closet! The one that hasn’t been opened for about a year. The one that no ones keys seem to fit anymore. It’s so dark I can’t even see my hand before me. Now, I could actually hear the wind howling loudly, as thaaat door begins to slowly open. I make an about face, and begin to tip-toe through the grave stones and realize I cannot run fast enough without falling, so I decide to hide. I lean on a wall, in an attempt to make myself small,  (not so easy for me, I’m a size 10).  The door is oooopening and and I’m all alone. I am frozen in fear. I can now make out a shadowy figure lurking through the door.

          The door suddenly swings open fast and I let out a BIG …..Reverend Daphne? Reverend Daphne, what are you doing here? She says, “Oh, I was fishing out my cloak and green makeup for Halloween.” “You do realize Halloween is only a few weeks away?” I let out a sigh of relief, as I think to myself, we really do have CREEPY MINISTERS.

          Brides, it’s not too late…It’s time to raise your Grooms from the dead, oops I mean bed and check us out on the spider web. Find our Halloween weddings link at , or better yet, call us at 702-384-0771 and speak to our live staff. We will be happy to place your order…..hahahahahahahahahahaha.

Forever your ghoul,


“Thank You” to Elvis and Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Williamson

As the number one wedding destination in Las Vegas, Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel  is host to thousands of couples each year whose main purpose in Vegas is to “tie the knot”. 

I must say, as the recipient of numerous daily emails, I have the honor of being the first to read the many thank you’s we receive from happy brides and grooms from all over the world.    The most recent is a couple from the UK who also graciously shared pictures of their joyous occasion with me as well. 

Not only am I instructed to forward all feedback to the owner and staff at the chapel, but I would also like the opportunity to share their photos and letters with you all  (with their permission, of course).

Fun in the Elvis Doo Wop Diner

My husband and I Mr and Mrs Williamson got married on the 10th September and we just wanted to say thank-you so much for everything. Our wedding was perfect, everything we wanted. Everyone at your chapel was so lovely and friendly. We have to thank our Elvis, Dan has trouble hearing so Elvis had to shout it was very funny! The wedding was so enjoyable and it was a day we will never forget. We have watched the DVD so many times since we have been back home in the UK. Everyone was so nice, I can’t thank you enough for making our dreams come true!   Cheers!  Elizabeth and Dan Williamson   UK

And to you, the happy couple from the UK, who traveled so many miles to get married at Viva LasVegas, thank you for sharing your pictures and feedback with our staff.  It reminds us that our hard work is appreciated and we are a part of making your wedding dreams come true! 

We welcome your letters, emails, feedback, and photos!  Let us know how we are doing! 

 Cheers to you, Mr. and Mrs. Williamson!  (Doo Wop Diner 9/10/10)

“Perfect 10” ~ Wedding Extravaganza at Viva Las Vegas…

          And they both lived happily ever after….So the story goes. Well, it’s that time of year again. When Brides and Grooms gear up for one of the biggest decisions of their lives.. MARRIAGE!  On one of the biggest wedding days of the year 10-10-10. With all of the engagements and love in the air in the past year, we are about to embark on a history-making day! The Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas Nevada is proud to host more than 160 weddings on 10-10-10. With Brides and Grooms coming from all corners of the globe, for twenty-four hours of nuptials from midnight to midnight. Could it be any bigger? With 7 venues to perform weddings, the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel has revved it up to fifth gear to commemorate this special day! There will be traditional weddings, vow renewals and even themed weddings. Oh, and Elvis will be in the building in a very big way.

          10-10-10 symbolizes the union of two individuals and the start of their living together in holy matrimony. Or is it that the Grooms have figured out a way to make their significant others happy in two ways? Number one; it will make it impossible to forget their anniversary. Number two; they make their Bride happy by choosing a date. “Brilliant fellas!” Either way, it will be a day to remember for all. The score is love; love so I give it a “Perfect 10.” What will you be doing on 10-10-10 at 10 minutes after 10?

Wedding Photos From Viva Las Vegas…

Hi, I hope that if you are on this wedding page, that you enjoy the wedding photos. Please remember I am a Limousine Driver, not a Photographer. These are just some random photos I had in my phone. I wanted to share the fun we have had these past few months. You will find a few beautiful traditional Brides. However, you will also find those photos of all the fun people that like dressing up and making special memories. I just love to see everyone around having such a great time! It’s like Halloween in the Summer around here. You can never tell what you will see on any given weekend here at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. The photos represent Italy, Spain, Denmark, Philedalphia,Texas,Arizona,California,New York,Connecticut, and I believe Washington.

Oh, and we have had a bit of a facelift. The Garden, Gazebo area out back is like a beautiful park now. There are so many more photo opportunities than before. We have a new Graphic Sign out front and too many new things to mention. You will have to see for yourselves.  A personal invitation from Y.T. goes out to all the newly engaged gals. Let us make your special day, a day to remember.

You all made my day!!!

Yours Truly,