Elvis Impersonators in Las Vegas

At Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, the number one request is to be married by a true Las Vegas Elvis impersonator!

The King
Elvis Aaron Presley

We have many requests for a variety of Elvis impersonators:   Tall, short, skinny, fat, old, African American, Chinese, Spanish speaking, Jewish.  Most importantly, can he sing?  Absolutely!  The list goes on. We try so hard to fulfil everyone’s personal needs.

We do have Elvis who can perform the ceremony en Espanol! We  have  Elvis who proudly wears the Yarmulke and breaks the glass at the end of the ceremony!  “Mazeltov!”  We have the young 50’s Elvis with the gold lame’.  We have a little Elvis.  We have a tall Elvis.  Don’t forget Elvis wearing the sexy tight black leather to Elvis with the ’69 comeback white  jumpsuit!

This is your wedding.  Make it yours.  Make it a memorable experience to match your personal needs and wants.

Make it happen at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel.

What type of Elvis do you want performing your ceremony?   Let us know!

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