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Viva Las Vegas Weddings makes history!

The single most busy day in our history. October 10th 2010 will be the most busy day in our Las Vegas wedding chapel history.  At the moment we have 5 chapels going on all at the same time. Weddings start from Midnight October 10th 2010 and end with the last one at Midnight October 11th 2010.Chapel itself have over 160 weddings booked for that one day and growing!

For couples that already have reserved a wedding package with us – please be on time , because limo drivers can not wait for you. All couples must be dressed and ready to go at least 1.5h before your wedding time. Do not forget to bring your marriage license with all copies received from the Regional Justice Center (does not apply to renewal of wedding vows).

Marriage License Info for 10-10-10:

The Clark County Clerk:

We expect the Marriage License Bureau to be very busy October 7-10, 2010.  If you plan to obtain a marriage license on one of those days, we encourage you to:
  • Complete the Online Pre-Application form. This will save time when you arrive to obtain your license. Click here for the Online Pre-Application form.
  • Be sure to have proper identification.  Click here for a list of acceptable identification.
  • If possible, come to the Marriage License Bureau one or two days before your wedding.  If you must come on October 10, arrive a minimum of 4 hours before your ceremony is scheduled to be sure you are not rushed on your special day.
  • Dress for the weather as you may be waiting in line outside.  Temperatures can reach the mid-90s in October.
Las Vegas Limos
Please do not be late for your limo ride!

For family and friends that would like to see the wedding live on the internet please go to our webcam page and click on the chapel the couple is getting married in.

And for couples that are looking to book their wedding for 10 – 10 – 10 Hurry! We still have few spots available! Recently We have opened Our Hotel Suites for extra space. Traditional and Elvis 10-10-10 Wedding Packages They start from $360.


10-10-10 las vegas weddings
Our Newly opened Hotel Suite Chapel

Tell us more about your expiriense booking your wedding with us. Call us today for more questions regarding your upcomming 10-10-10 wedding. 800-574-4450 or 702-384-0771.

King of Pop..King of Rock? ~Themed Weddings…

 As the sun begins to set here at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel I see a silhouette of an icon arriving at our front door. Could it be? I haven’t looked at our wedding list for the evening so I am surprised to see Michael. “I’m here for a wedding at 8,” he whispers. I am transfixed for a moment, and then I snap out of it. It’s a Michael Jackson look a like.Wow! I proceed to greet our King of Pop and show him to the Chapel where he will perform for a wedding. The King of Pop Wedding was fantastic! Although I never did have the pleasure of seeing him live, I could only imagine how amazing he must have been after seeing this wedding. If your preferred King is Poppin’ and Michael Jackson is your pick, give us a call to make your wedding arrangements. We’ll aim to make it ” Off The Wall”  just for you.

          Now, if your King is Elvis and your heart starts racing just at his mention??? Well, then I say… we have the best Elvis’ I have ever seen. They look great and they are vocally sound. Who doesn’t love Elvis? I’m always crying in the Chapel. Pun intended. We recently brought on a world travelled Elvis to perform when we are triple booked. I decided I’d take a snapshot of him to feature in this blog, when one of our other Elvis’ jumped in.Thaaaats Brian, he’s our Chapel Manager and a part time Elvis extraordinairre as well.  

          Sometimes I feel as if I am on the hit television show Glee…everyone breaks out into song whether it’s in the Chapel or not. We get so goofy when we are behind the wedding scene. It really is alot of fun working here! Just a few weeks ago, we had a Bride ask if Elvis could sing “Tainted Love”. She meant to say “Love Me Tender.” So our newest Elvis over heard her, and decided to wait a minute for her to sit in the lobby and get comfortable…and then he casually walked past her singing “Tainted Love” by Soft Cell. It was such an 80’s-50’s moment. She looked a bit perplexed at first, and then we all bursted into laughter together.

          Are you ready to say “I do” for the first time or second or? Or do you want to renew your wedding vows and re-dedicate yourselves to each other? Or are you ready to have that commitment ceremony to make that promise? Please know, that we here at The Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel are commited to you. To assist you in your dream day. Give us a call at 702-384-0771 to make it happen. All together now…Dream a little Dream of Me….

Did you choose Rock or Pop?????

Until next week,


The Little Chapel in Las Vegas

Little Chapel in Las Vegas
Little Chapel in Las Vegas

Are the bigger chapels in Las Vegas a bit too much for just the two of you and perhaps a small party? At Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, we have the perfect venue solution. The Little Chapel in Las Vegas!

For a smaller wedding, just for the two of you (or for up to three dozen guests), we offer the rich cream and burgundy hues of our new Little Wedding Chapel. It will remind you of a little French salon. The quaint European decor lends an exquisite sense of solitude. We can even arrange for a wedding reception, large or small, after your Las Vegas wedding ceremony, as simple or extravagant as the wedding itself.

We not only perform traditional ceremonies in the Little Wedding Chapel, but also Elvis and themed packages as well.  This chapel is equipped with the live webcamera so your virtual guests can watch from home. 

This chapel is one of five located on the property of the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel.   Our Main Chapel, Outdoor Gazebo, Nighttime Garden, and Doo Wop Diner

Drop us a line and tell us what you are interested in!

~ To Hide the Bride or Knot?

Come to Graceland...

The tradition of the Groom not seeing his lovely Bride until she walks down the aisle can be so exciting. We offer the Look of Love here at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. We call it, “First Look”. First Look packages can range from mini First Looks to Deluxe First Looks. We offer hiding the Bride or Groom from each other guaranteeing that he will not have his breath taken away until the very moment that you walk down that aisle. In my short time here at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, I have had many Grooms request First looks. Some Grooms are just traditional, and others just know how special a moment it really is for their Bride. So you are like the gift that he anticipates seeing, all wrapped up and ready to say “I Do.” Why you have managed to make him feel like the luckiest man in the world by hiding out. My opinion of the question fore-mentioned is Yes~ I say” Hide the Bride”and make it special~really special…

"I'd love to sing for you Elvis"

We recently had a Rockabilly Elvis Wedding and our Beautiful Bride made her First Look a Deluxe. A day event with a glam team to do her hair and makeup along with her Bridal Party. A light lunch was served, and the ladies were fussed over by the glam team. Check out my Rockabilly Elvis Wedding Blog and see for yourselves. There is a testimonial from one of the ladies in the Bridal Party as well.

This is all done in our Elvis and Priscilla Bridal Suite. The Suite is adorable, it’s made out to look like the gates at the healm of Graceland and Elvis’ Recording studio. The photos are attached. You will see Y.T.  in the photos. Now Elvis really wasn’t plugging his ears because of my singing….I’m just chatty ( as if you couldn’t tell ). I highly recommend a First Look package for you on your special day. Talk to a reservationist today for details. Let us help you make it memorable.

Yours Truly,


Elvis Pink Cadillac Las Vegas Wedding

The Elvis Pink Caddy wedding is one of our most popular Elvis Las Vegas wedding packages! More and more couples book this one of a kind wedding were Elvis drives you in a 1964 Pink Cadillac convertible ! Fog and theme lights will fill the room with excitement and cheer. Elvis will sing tree songs and perform the ceremony. No other chapel can do what Viva Las Vegas Weddings have done for years – get the entertainment in your wedding.

See why TV stations all over the world come to the chapel to film this one of a kind Las Vegas wedding. Recently GMTV from the UK broadcasted LIVE from Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel to over 14 mil. viewers.

Here is the video: Viva Las Vegas Weddings LIVE from the UK!

Elvis Wedding Las Vegas
Most popular wedding package

Book the Elvis Pink Caddy wedding package today! Or give us call for more information @ 702-384-0771 or 800-574-4450.

Elvis Impersonators in Las Vegas

At Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, the number one request is to be married by a true Las Vegas Elvis impersonator!

The King
Elvis Aaron Presley

We have many requests for a variety of Elvis impersonators:   Tall, short, skinny, fat, old, African American, Chinese, Spanish speaking, Jewish.  Most importantly, can he sing?  Absolutely!  The list goes on. We try so hard to fulfil everyone’s personal needs.

We do have Elvis who can perform the ceremony en Espanol! We  have  Elvis who proudly wears the Yarmulke and breaks the glass at the end of the ceremony!  “Mazeltov!”  We have the young 50’s Elvis with the gold lame’.  We have a little Elvis.  We have a tall Elvis.  Don’t forget Elvis wearing the sexy tight black leather to Elvis with the ’69 comeback white  jumpsuit!

This is your wedding.  Make it yours.  Make it a memorable experience to match your personal needs and wants.

Make it happen at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel.

What type of Elvis do you want performing your ceremony?   Let us know!