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Saved from near wedding disaster

My husband and I were married here back in June of 2004. The staff were amazing. I was getting ready for the wedding and went to put on my dress and it was like 3 sizes too big! Somehow when I had picked it up the store had given me the wrong one and stupid me didn’t try it on before we flew to Vegas. We called the chapel and they said to bring the dress and they would “make it work”. We got there and the staff painstakingly pinned the heck out of my dress so I could walk down the aisle in it and get my pictures taken. They went well above the call of duty! You cannot even tell from the video or my pictures that the dress didn’t fit. We are planning on getting remarried there for our 10th anniversary and cannot wait to go back!

Troy, Ohio

Rockabilly Elvis Las Vegas Wedding

Starring, the Hillbilly Cat.  Better known as, Elvis Presley! When Elvis first came onto the scene, he was called ” The Hillbilly Cat.” His band had a strong back beat and they were into that cool rockabilly sound. Ian & Kristine are from the O.C. and they chose Rockabilly Elvis for their big wedding day. They made their day more of an event. I picked the girls up in a beautiful white stretch limousine at the Golden Nugget on Freemont Street and we were off. The gals were escorted to our awesome Elvis and Priscilla Suite for hair and makeup.

The Suite is amazing with a Pink Cadillac coming out of the wall and the gates of Graceland surounding you. There is a large lit up mirror and artist chairs for that special movie set feeling too. The gals enjoyed a light lunch and were ready to get glammed up. Our artistry team then began their beautiful work of hair and makeup for all of the girls in the wedding party. These gals were transformed into rockabilly babes! You can see that for yourselves in the photo below. Kristine our beautiful Bride was a sight indeed! She was so happy and she really felt like her wedding was turned into a great day event which made it that more special. It’s always so rewarding to hear that from a Bride. At Viva Las Vegas Weddings we really go all out for your requests.

Rockabilly Babes...

The guys rocked it too, in colorful bowling type shirts. They looked great. Oh, and when Elvis walked the Bride down the aisle….the guests wailed. Well it’s one for the money, two for the show! It really was a show with our Rockabilly Elvis wedding. Ian and Kristine you were a big hit! Best wishes to you both on behalf of the staff at Viva Las Vegas Weddings.”Viva Vegas” is all I can say. Everyone had so much fun including me! If you are looking to get married or thinking about renewing your wedding vows…Give us a holler here at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel so that we can put together your eventful day. Oh, and I highly recommend our Glam-Team, ladies~ you will love their work and the special bondng time you’ll have with your wedding party before you strut down that aisle on Elvis’ arm. Also, as tradition still stands for many Brides..get dressed and dolled up at the Chapel before your wedding, so that when the Groom first sees you on your wedding day, it is when you are walking down the aisle and you are simply taking his breath away.

Just a couple of cuties...



Outdoor Las Vegas wedding chapels

Should you get married outside? Perhaps you’re looking to take advantage of any of Las Vegas’ 300 days of sunshine?

las vegas outdoor weddings
Outdoor gazebo weddings starting from $375

We can add the beauty of the outdoors to your Las Vegas wedding. Viva Las Vegas Weddings have two outdoor Venues – The Outdoor Gazebo and our Garden weddings. The Outdoor Gazebo seats up to 36 guests with the outdoor gazebo deluxe package. Our gazebo is flanked by beautiful white latticework that is delicately decorated with climbing foliage and sits in a postcard-perfect, park-like setting. The Garden Chapel will seat up to 40 guests with our Garden at night wedding package.

Garden weddings at  night are only $525
Garden Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas

Temperature avarages for Las Vegas in September 95° F (35° C),  for October 82° F (28° C) , November, 67° F (19° C).

With Fall uproaching outdoor weddings in Las Vegas become popular once more. Don’t wait give us a call to reserve your outdoor las vegas wedding today! 800-574-4450 or 702-384-0771. Or you can book online with our online reservation system.

From Portland, With Love…

Elvis & Company...

It was the fabulous wedding of the Beauty and the Biker! So, here we are at the World Famous Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel with two more “I-Do’s.” Tiffany and Chris came to the Chapel to get married from Oregon. They wanted to make thier wedding memorable….So, Elvis was the way to go for them. It’s been 9 years since the date was pre-set. Chris could not resist Tiffanys charm. Just a couple of lookers making it official here at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. There were butterflies in the air and the weather was perfect! A handful, and then some of Chris’ and Tiffanys’ family and friends all made their way to the Elvis Chapel to witness their marriage.

With a license to ride and a marriage license in hand, Chris said “I Do” to his lovely Bride Tiffany. They had so many friends and family here to share in their joy. I am certain that once they announced that the wedding would be in Las Vegas, that no one could resist. The RSVP’s were many.They were surrounded by so much love. Chris and Tiffany really did remind me of Elvis and Priscilla. Mind you, Elvis really was a blonde. What a great looking couple! Wishing you both every bit of happiness you can stand! They topped their night off by riding off into the night to Larrys Hideway here in Las Vegas. Do you suppose they had Breakfast at Tiffanys the next morning? Just another classic Elvis wedding here at The Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. Thanks to you both, and your super family and friends. Until the next wedding…

Good day,


It’s A Dead Mans Party…


Elvis is the host of a Dead Mans Wedding. Who’s the dead man? Why, none other than Elvis Presley. It seemed fitting that on the August 16th departure anniversary of Elvis Presley, Natalie and Sameer chose a “Dead Elvis Wedding” in August. So,who doesn’t miss Elvis? What a way to bring him back…In the wedding, Elvis really comes to life. He’s alive, he’s alive! So being from New York, all of Natalie and Sameers friends were able to watch the Wedding via our live webcast. “Live from New York”, “It’s the Dead Elvis Wedding of Natalie and Sameer”. This is definately a ceremony your guests will never forget. Check out our website at,

It was unforgettable, just like Elvis. If you have a theme in mind for your nuptials and you want to have a wedding that suits you…speaking of suits. We rent tuxedos and costumes here at The Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, call us. For those of you that find Halloween significant, we still have a few openings. Reserve your date ASAP so that you can send out those RSVP’s. Natalie, you looked arrestingly beautiful. I know Sameer thought so, ( he’s in Law Enforcement ).Congrats, on making my Bride Pick of the Week! You were just as sweet as you were beautiful. Ha figures. Get it…she’s a model and vocalist-figures, hee hee.

Having the wedding in Las Vegas was a dream come true for the Mother of the Bride also~ Our Liz Taylor mother look alike had always dreamed of coming to Las Vegas. She really did look like Liz Taylor! It too, was a dream come true and a special day for her. Thank you all for the fun fright night. Until next week. I think I’ll go out in song… I was struck by lightning, walking down the street….I was struck by lightning last night in my sleep, It’s a dead man’s party, who could ask for more? Come and set your wedding date and get those invitations out the door. Get those wedding invitations out the door.

See ya,


A Royal Touch: Children in the Wedding

The traditional American wedding party consists of a maid of honor, best man, a few bridesmaids, an equal number of groomsmen and exactly two children: an adorable flower girl and an oh-so-cute ring bearer. Before the ceremony, the attendants generally stay on the boys’ or girls’ side. Afterwards, the two sides walk arm-in-arm, one maid to one man, down the aisle with the childish couple somewhere among them.

A royal wedding looks quite different. First of all, the male and female attendants are almost never equally apportioned and are even less frequently matched up like blind dates to escort each other awkwardly up the aisle. The groom usually has one or sometimes two “supporters” who walk in with him (but are almost never dressed like him). His supporter is usually a brother or, less often, a good friend. In 2010, a tuxedo-ed Daniel Westling was supported by his soon-to-be brother-in-law Prince Carl Philipp of Sweden in a naval uniform. At the Wedding of the (last) Century, Prince Charles had both of his younger brothers—Prince Andrew in a naval uniform and Prince Edward in a gray morning suit.

A few royal brides draw bridesmaids from among sisters and friends, but it is much more common for all of their bridesmaids to be very young. In fact, there may be no adults in the bride’s party at all. Sometimes, a teenage girl may be the chief bridesmaid as Prince Charles’ cousins Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones and India Hicks (yes, the now famous designer!) were for Princess Diana in 1981. Then, at least two little boys are added, although they are generally called pageboys instead of ring bearers. A four-year-old Prince William was one of four pageboys when Prince Andrew married Sarah Ferguson in 1986.

The children are usually close relatives or godchildren of the bride or groom. At Daniel Westling’s marriage to Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, three tiny future monarchs—all of them her godchildren—were in her party: Prince Christian of Denmark, Princess Catharina Amalia of the Netherlands and Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway.

Amazingly, these children are fairly well-behaved. Although the media had speculated in 1986 that a rambunctious Prince William might run wildly around Westminster Abbey, he only made a few faces and played with his hat. In 2004, Prince Felipe of Spain’s nephew Froilan shouted, “Hola Felipe!” when the groom entered the church. No screaming tantrums or refusals to walk the aisle.

Sometimes, these youngsters are dressed, like their American counterparts, in child-appropriate versions of the adult’s outfits but this is rarely the case. For little boys, the designer (and bride, of course!) often look to military attire or national costumes for inspiration. Royal wedding photos are full of little boys in sailor suits and kilts. Meanwhile, national costume or traditional party frocks are frequently used for the girls. Royal brides with a real taste for history, sometimes draw ideas from the past. Sophie Rhys-Jones dressed her young attendants in dark blue velvet capes and hats, like those worn by the Knights of the Garter, when she married Prince Edward in 1999 and Letizia Ortiz-Rocasolano channeled the 17th-Century master painter Goya for her bridal party when she married the future King of Spain in 2004.

So, if you truly want a princess wedding (even a Las Vegas princess wedding), you should start figuring out which of nieces and nephews don’t mind being dressed like a 400-year-old painting. Of course, there are drawbacks: a six-year-old bridesmaid would probably throw you a Dora the Explorer bridal shower and your eight-year-old nephew should definitely be kept away from the stag party!