Which Celebrity Would You Most Like To Marry?

We Want to Marry Elvis...

Just imagine it…your phone rings and the voice on the other line says.YOU’RE  A WINNER!!Yippee, what did you win? Okay we are playing as if you are single (in case you ar not). You won the all inclusive celebrity wedding from the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel! You get to choose which celebrity you would like to marry, and your honeymoon destination. So, who is it going to be? Who would you marry? George Clooney? Chace Crawford? Johnny Depp? Oh, and where would you honeymoon? St. Barts? Monte Carlo? Would you choose a traditional wedding or a themed wedding? 

This is easy for me.. I would marry King Leonidas. Do you know who that is? He also played in the James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies. Have you guessed who yet?? Okay, here’s another clue. He was in the film adaptation of the Phantom of the Opera-he played the Phantom.Yes, you guessed it! Gerard Butler. I first saw him in the movie 300 and I thought he was fabbbbbulous. It’s too bad Gerard and Jennifer Aniston didn’t work out. I think Gerard is the type of guy most other guys would go crazy over  if they saw there ex with him. He’s such a guys guy. I love that!  They would have made such a handsome Bride and Groom. I find him charming. I saw him interviewed with Craig Ferguson on late night and he was hilarious! By the way, Craig Ferguson has been to our chapel. 

Gerard is originally from Scotland, so a fairytale type wedding seems fitting. I could be the Princess Bride! Oh, and in a small quaint castle. Ha! Let’s see, I guess we would have to vacation in his homeland first, and then hop on over to the Mediterranean. Go to all of the romantic cites like Venice, Tuscany, and Sicily. So romantic. I must confess… my husband and I were married in a small chapel before I even worked here. We did this so that we could really go all out and enjoy an unforgettable honeymoon. It was perfect. A small wedding ( 7 people). There was no fuss. It was over in a matter of minutes and then we were off to cruise the Mediterranean. The most amazing memories were made on our honeymoon, and we were both so glad we did it this way. Why I’d have to say….I would do it the same way with him over and over again.  

Although, our five year anniversary is in 2 more years I think a themed wedding is the way we may go for our vow renewal. Maybe a Motown type wedding…. I like the sound of that. Remember, if you could dream it, we could theme it.

So,in closing… fellow Viva Las Vegas Wedding Facebook Friends  you will have to tell me who you would marry?  What type of wedding would you have, and where would you honeymoon? I can’t wait to read your responses…

Until next week,