We Salute You…

Greetings ~ It’s me Diana again, your friendly Chauffeur and Wedding Coordinator here at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel!  I would like to share some special photos with you.  If you read our featured article about our service man Danny McClure and his beautiful bride from Texas.  You too will be excited to see a few of their wedding photos.  Just to refresh your memory….Danny is currently serving our country in Iraq.  He and Jill planned a themed Harley wedding.  Danny took a fifteen day leave to Las Vegas to marry his bride.  One of the highlights of their nuptials is that Danny’s unit in Iraq was able to view his wedding “LIVE” via our webcast.  It’s a service that Viva Las Vegas Weddings offers as a part of every wedding package.  So, as they were getting married live at 7:30 pm Pacific…..Riding into the chapel on their Harley Davidson motorcycle-his unit was watching at 4:30am Iraqi time

Jill is a high school teacher for the deaf in Texas and is truly an amazing lady.  So on the 4th of July…..My favorite day of the year… and my wedding anniversary, I salute you!  Thank you for your tremendous sacrifice.  Wishing you, and yours a day of memories and remembrance.




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