Full Fledged Jedi Knight...

          It’s July and I totally space it….I receive my limousine pick up schedule and I’m off. I am off to pick up what I think is a traditional Bride and Groom. As I begin my day, I realize they are far out. I mean they’re not in another Galaxy…but on the other side of the Las Vegas Strip. Now, at this point, I, like you, have no idea who I am picking up. I just know, go to Tower II and they will be there. As I arrive, I make my way out of my limousine and I feel funny. Why in a blink of an eye my limousine has turned into a Landspeeder. Does that officially give me the right to Speed? Hmmmmmm. I blink again, and to my surprise, I am surrounded by Princess Leia, Luke, Han Solo, Chewy and well you know the rest of the gang .

          So, in my best Wookiee Speak, I greet my Space Travelers and dash ahead to get them to the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel on time. I believe that Han Solo has finally opened his heart to the universe and is going to show the Grove a little something. He’s taking Princess Leias hand in marriage. Ya know, to offer them a moment of realization. Woo hoo a marriage in the living force. This should be a cosmic awakening!!!! We arrive at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel and Han Solo is ready to confront Vader. Should I be scared? I will tell you that I heard that Yoda told Han Solo not to go……

          But with a Jabba the Hutt style, Han Solo smuggled Princess Leia out of Canada ( no carbonite freezing was used in this transfer) and to the Las Vegas Space Port. Princess Leia is so willing  to marry her man. I guess Yoda could not foretell everyones future after all. Han Solo and Princess Leia survived their meeting with Vader, and received his blessing and are now living happily ever after with the help of the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel and Jedi trained staff. Wishing you Dawn and Robin a beautiful union from all of your Inter Gallactic Wedding Coordinators at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. Your wedding was a blast! I hope Comic-Con was too. May the Force be with you, and you, and you and……

 The Wedding Ambassador ( Y.T.) says you made a wise decision in choosing the right Wedding Chapel. Thank you, and your wonderful family and friends for a great time. And who ever said weddings were’t fun?

Yours truly,

Ambassador ~Diana

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