Bride of The Week…

Hello Brides and Grooms~ Diana Coming to you from the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel.  We had another busy week here at “Viva.”  This is always a good thing….People are still falling in love and visiting us here at The Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, to get married.

This weeks Bride of the week comes to us from Canada.  Oh Canada.  Now, this Bride was not only beautiful….but she is talented too!  She made her husbands jacket ( like a smoking  jacket) and she made her own “vintage”  wedding dress!  I could not believe it. The dress fit her like a glove and she was a glowing bride.  Now, the talent doesn’t stop there.  She even made these fabulous wedding invitations for their family back home.  They have planned a big shindig in August for their family and friends to celebrate their union and view their awesome wedding( DVD ) in Vegas!.  The wedding package they chose was the PINK CADDY~ Ohhhhh!  One of my favorite weddings here at The Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel.  So, picture this…your guests are in the Chapel, fog begins to stream into the room and the music from Space Odyssey is playing. Padum, Padum…..And suddenly you hear a car horn honking and the Chapel doors fly open….  And yes, you guessed it, Elvis is driving a 64 convertable Pink Caddy with the Bride and Groom in the backseat. Your guests are wowed and it is so much fun!  I especially like it when the guests are surprised.  I have attached a photo of Celeste and Jeffrey for you to see . I hope you enjoy it.  Also, I have attached that PINK CADDY wedding invitation she made for her special July 1st wedding.  Many years to you two.  You made my day.



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