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Aaron Wins Big In Vegas!!!

          So, you’re on your way out of town. Your destination is Vegas. It’s a hot summer day. Your lucky number is 10 and your favorite color is black. You arrive at the Roulette table with your Bride of 10 years on your arm, and place your bet. You feel LUCKY! You go all in. You are looking to have an unforgettable weekend in Las Vegas. You are only there to win. As the roulette wheel starts to spin, you turn to your Bride and you say..” will you marry me again?” Your beautiful blushing Bride says ‘Yes” with as much excitement as the first time you asked ten years ago. You lay a big smooch on her and the world is completely shut out just for that moment. It’s just you Aaron and Jennah. Then you here, Black 10! You’re a winner. Wow,what a way to start your weekend in Vegas! A DOUBLE WIN…

          Well, I know it all sounds so movie like, but boy when I saw the two of you and the rest of your entourage come out of the Casino…this is where I went. I guess you could say I have a colorful imagination. I like to call it technicolor. Ha ha. Your costumes were just great. You came to Vegas to play, win and have some fun. Aaron and Jennah chose a themed vow renewal for their fun. Congratulations on 10 years of marriage. I love the fact that everyone stayed in costume for the rest of the evening. Ya see, it doesn’t just have to be Halloween to dress up. You were the talk of the town. I can only imagine what that smokey room would have looked like back in the day. You really looked as if you stepped out of time and were ready to whoop it up ” Old Vegas Style.” I watched people as you would walk by, and I too think they were visiting that black and white movie screen. Aaron is in the heating and cooling business, and Jennah is a teacher. So I guess Aaron will forever remain” Hot For Teacher.” Sounds like a great song titlte huh????

Those Summer Nihiiiiiiiights...

          If a vow renewal is in your future, and you don’t know where to turn ..Make a right turn and make your exit Las Vegas Blvd. 1205 Las Vegas Blvd! We’ll be waiting for you at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel to recapture the day you said “I do.”



Which Celebrity Would You Most Like To Marry?

We Want to Marry Elvis...

Just imagine it…your phone rings and the voice on the other line says.YOU’RE  A WINNER!!Yippee, what did you win? Okay we are playing as if you are single (in case you ar not). You won the all inclusive celebrity wedding from the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel! You get to choose which celebrity you would like to marry, and your honeymoon destination. So, who is it going to be? Who would you marry? George Clooney? Chace Crawford? Johnny Depp? Oh, and where would you honeymoon? St. Barts? Monte Carlo? Would you choose a traditional wedding or a themed wedding? 

This is easy for me.. I would marry King Leonidas. Do you know who that is? He also played in the James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies. Have you guessed who yet?? Okay, here’s another clue. He was in the film adaptation of the Phantom of the Opera-he played the Phantom.Yes, you guessed it! Gerard Butler. I first saw him in the movie 300 and I thought he was fabbbbbulous. It’s too bad Gerard and Jennifer Aniston didn’t work out. I think Gerard is the type of guy most other guys would go crazy over  if they saw there ex with him. He’s such a guys guy. I love that!  They would have made such a handsome Bride and Groom. I find him charming. I saw him interviewed with Craig Ferguson on late night and he was hilarious! By the way, Craig Ferguson has been to our chapel. 

Gerard is originally from Scotland, so a fairytale type wedding seems fitting. I could be the Princess Bride! Oh, and in a small quaint castle. Ha! Let’s see, I guess we would have to vacation in his homeland first, and then hop on over to the Mediterranean. Go to all of the romantic cites like Venice, Tuscany, and Sicily. So romantic. I must confess… my husband and I were married in a small chapel before I even worked here. We did this so that we could really go all out and enjoy an unforgettable honeymoon. It was perfect. A small wedding ( 7 people). There was no fuss. It was over in a matter of minutes and then we were off to cruise the Mediterranean. The most amazing memories were made on our honeymoon, and we were both so glad we did it this way. Why I’d have to say….I would do it the same way with him over and over again.  

Although, our five year anniversary is in 2 more years I think a themed wedding is the way we may go for our vow renewal. Maybe a Motown type wedding…. I like the sound of that. Remember, if you could dream it, we could theme it.

So,in closing… fellow Viva Las Vegas Wedding Facebook Friends  you will have to tell me who you would marry?  What type of wedding would you have, and where would you honeymoon? I can’t wait to read your responses…

Until next week,



Full Fledged Jedi Knight...

          It’s July and I totally space it….I receive my limousine pick up schedule and I’m off. I am off to pick up what I think is a traditional Bride and Groom. As I begin my day, I realize they are far out. I mean they’re not in another Galaxy…but on the other side of the Las Vegas Strip. Now, at this point, I, like you, have no idea who I am picking up. I just know, go to Tower II and they will be there. As I arrive, I make my way out of my limousine and I feel funny. Why in a blink of an eye my limousine has turned into a Landspeeder. Does that officially give me the right to Speed? Hmmmmmm. I blink again, and to my surprise, I am surrounded by Princess Leia, Luke, Han Solo, Chewy and well you know the rest of the gang .

          So, in my best Wookiee Speak, I greet my Space Travelers and dash ahead to get them to the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel on time. I believe that Han Solo has finally opened his heart to the universe and is going to show the Grove a little something. He’s taking Princess Leias hand in marriage. Ya know, to offer them a moment of realization. Woo hoo a marriage in the living force. This should be a cosmic awakening!!!! We arrive at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel and Han Solo is ready to confront Vader. Should I be scared? I will tell you that I heard that Yoda told Han Solo not to go……

          But with a Jabba the Hutt style, Han Solo smuggled Princess Leia out of Canada ( no carbonite freezing was used in this transfer) and to the Las Vegas Space Port. Princess Leia is so willing  to marry her man. I guess Yoda could not foretell everyones future after all. Han Solo and Princess Leia survived their meeting with Vader, and received his blessing and are now living happily ever after with the help of the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel and Jedi trained staff. Wishing you Dawn and Robin a beautiful union from all of your Inter Gallactic Wedding Coordinators at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. Your wedding was a blast! I hope Comic-Con was too. May the Force be with you, and you, and you and……

 The Wedding Ambassador ( Y.T.) says you made a wise decision in choosing the right Wedding Chapel. Thank you, and your wonderful family and friends for a great time. And who ever said weddings were’t fun?

Yours truly,

Ambassador ~Diana

A Royal Touch: Blending Your Tastes with Wedding Traditions

Sometimes here at the Viva blog we step back from our trademark themed weddings and remind our prospective brides and grooms that we offer up traditional Las Vegas weddings in some of the most beautiful chapels to ever grace Las Vegas! And what could be more traditional than a royal wedding?

But just like our couples don’t always do things the “traditonal” way, neither did Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and her groom. Here’s our regular guest poster Cheryl Anderson Brown of the Princess Palace blog with their story:

A wedding is supposed to be about the bride and groom, but that doesn’t stop mothers, sisters, and others from insisting on their ideas for your day. Add centuries of tradition and the opinion of an entire nation and you’ll have some idea how Crown Princess Victoria, the future Queen of Sweden, felt when she married Daniel Westling on June 19, 2010. Victoria and Daniel were able to create a perfect blend of personal desires with royal traditions.

Here’s how they did it:

– They were married at Storykyrkan Cathedral in the old part of Stockholm, literally steps from the royal palace. However, instead of arriving at the church by carriage as many royals do, Daniel walked there and Victoria arrived by car.

– Victoria opted to wear the Cameo Tiara. Overly large and topped with old-fashioned cameos, it is not an obvious choice for a modern bride. But, it entered the Swedish royal family more than 200 years ago and has been worn by numerous brides in the family including Victoria’s mom and her aunts. She also chose to wear the long lace veil that had been handed from bride to bride in the family. With these two ancient and ornate accessories in mind, Victoria selected simple, clean lines for the dress, knowing that too much fussiness would be overkill. She added a long train under the lace veil which, instead of covering her face, was gracefully draped from the back of her head.

– Victoria walked up the aisle with her father, King Carl XVI Gustaf. This decision actually caused quite a controversy in Sweden where the bride and groom usually walk together, signifying their equality and partnership. Not only were feminist groups outraged, but the nation’s top archbishop issued a statement in protest. In the end, both Victoria and Carl defended the decision as representing not only their closeness as daddy and daughter but their unique relationship as king and heir.

– Music can be important part of any ceremony, especially, I am told, in a Lutheran church in Sweden. To that end, Victoria and Daniel selected several traditional wedding marches and hymns, but after their vows, they added one song that was clearly a personal choice. The pop ballad, “When I Tell the World You’re Mine,” was performed live (in English!) as the bridal couple smiled and whispered together as if millions of people weren’t watching.

– At the wedding banquet following carriage ride and boat tour throughout Stockholm, known as the “Venice of the North,” Daniel offered a deeply personal speech. Breaking with royal protocol which usually forbids the expression of emotion, he publicly said, “I love you, Victoria, and I am proud to be your husband.”

– Finally, in one more break with royal tradition, the environmentally conscious Victoria insisted that there be no confetti or fireworks associated with any of the half-dozen public events associated with the wedding. Nevertheless, the Swedish people still had a grand time and the entire country engaged in an all-out marketing campaign to increase foreign tourism, calling 2010 “The Summer of Love.”

In fact, although Victoria and Daniel chose French Polynesia, you might consider Sweden as a honeymoon destination after your Las Vegas wedding: the royal wedding seems to have made everyone there a romantic!

As you plan your own wedding, remember what the newly titled Prince Daniel told the paparazzi who tracked them down on their honeymoon: “As many said in advance, ‘make sure you enjoy the moment.’” Indeed!

Yo Ho Ho ..A Pirates Bride is For Me..

      Welcome to my Bride of the Week pick~Pirate Themed Wedding! Now look through this spy glass and join me on a Pirates Dream Adventure. As you step back in time…..Do not adjust your computer screen. The year is 2010.The Groom is about to get ready for his Wedding. He begins his journey, a journey into Pirate matrimony! Let’s see, sword, eyepatch, booty, leg, hook, parrot and rum. Check check check. It’s all here. The dashing Pirate makes his way to the door and into his waiting vessel that will take him to his destination. The Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. We arrive at the Chapel to be met by more Pirates. Rum thirsty, and ready for a party and some booty. They are loaded with looty and he is ready to take the plunge, to say “I do” to his lovely Pirate Bride Becky. She’s a lovely young lady with a fine sense of taste in Pirate attire ( no eyepatch on Becky). Becky you look smashing!

      More Pirates arrive and we are set to sail. It is a managerie of hooks, swords and mustaches. Nice job with the mustaches guys. The Captain leads them into the swinging Chapel and they begin to troll ( stroll ) into the rocky high seas of holy matrimony. Becky caught herself one of the BIGGEST FISH in the high seas of the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel ocean. Why, we didn’t even know that Becky could fish? However, I am sure Mike will argue that he REELED her in first. I hear he’s quite the fisherman! In closing…Thank you for showing me a swashbuckling good Pirates time. If you are fishing in the big sea of Wedding Chapels and you want to have a memorable Wedding like Mike and Becky? Set your compass towards the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel where we help make dreams come true. When you wish upon a star……la la la la la la la…

Ahoy matey!!!!!

Sea you all next week,


Is Chile’ Ready for a Hot Wedding?

     The date is July 7th, otherwise known as 7-11, it’s a bit of a hot day in Las Vegas and I am feeling lucky…… It’s a roll of the dice and my number comes up woop woop, am I lucky or what? What? What did I win? My boss calls me up on the eve of 7-11 and says “you won” …”it’s your lucky day.” “Come to work ready to get married.” So, being the employee that think I should be… I say yes first, and then….what?? Who am I marrying? I then hear, click, and the line goes dead… A variety show out of Buenos Aires, Argentina travels around the world searching for the most unique things to do and they need a Bride who can speak Spanish ( in my case Spanglish ) to film a Pink Caddy Wedding with their film crew. I guess we win the title of their definition of “most unique things to do while in Las Vegas”. OOOOnly in Vegas.

     The show is called Resto Del Mundo ( the rest of the world ).They broadcast in Chile’, Argentina, Uraguay, Paraguay and Brazil. From my understanding, they are muy popular. Oh boy, how will I explain this to my husband? Oh yes, I said it~ I’m married. Well, to put a positive spin on it…what gal gets to wear her wedding dress a second time? Yippee, that’s me. Whoa, I shouldn’t sound so excited. However, I will tell you why I am excited. Now,my real hubby, we’ll just call him handsome, for now, is not into the themed weddings ( he’s the traditional wedding type ). So my opportunity is here. I get to have the King drive me in a 64 convertable Pink Caddy into, yes INTO the Chapel. I get my very own PINK CADDY WEDDING!!  I thought I’d never see this day. I will be serenaded by Elvis and on T.V.! I always wanted to be an actress! The Pink Caddy Weddings are my favorite!!! Everyone that has one, comes out with a smile from ear to ear ( because it’s so cool ):) The excitement level of their guests always elevates to a crescendo! I’m so ready to do this now. Oh what fun. If you are a fun person and would like to know more about our PINK CADDY Weddings or Themed Weddings…Give us a call, we’d love to help you plan your special day. Let’s go out in style…Bright lights city gonna set my soul hmmmm hmmmm Viva Las Vegas, Viva Las Vegas, Viva, Viva , Las Vegas !!!!!

The Heat is On…