Marriage License Information in Las Vegas

The number one inquiry in the Viva Las Vegas “email” bag is:   “How do I obtain a marriage license?”  And my answer?  “Quite Simple!”

Marriage License

You see, Nevada is probably one of the easiest states to obtain a license.  No waiting.  No blood. No need to show documents of divorce.  Just present $60. cash and show your photo ID. Fill out a short document.  Boom.  Issued.

“Quite simple” is a common answer from those exiting the courthouse when asked their experience of the marriage license process.    Still don’t believe me?  Check it out yourself here:

I applied for a license a little over six years ago and my experience was also, quite simple…..

The marriage bureau is open 365 days a year from 8:00am until midnight.  Ain’t Vegas great?

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Call this number for more information:  1-800-574-4450  or 1-702-384-0771

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