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Tips on “Tipping” in Las Vegas!

Dollar Sign

No, I am not referring to the fancy term for a Showgirl walk in a Las Vegas review, or knocking cows over in the middle of the night. I am referring to the confusing world of gratuities in the tip- filled service industry of Las Vegas!

Here is a link to view a nice detailed summary of who customarily receives tips in Las Vegas and how much. http://www.insidervlv.com/tipping.html

But what about the wedding industry?

  • It is highly recommend that you tip the limo driver for your Las Vegas Wedding.
  • The suggested gratuity to your limo driver is $25. and up.
  • The minister fee should not be confused as a “tip”. Their fee is an actual fee and you pay him or her directly.
  • Tipping other people involved with your wedding ceremony is completely up to you!

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