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The Pink Caddy Elvis Wedding

The Elvis Pink Caddy Wedding
The Elvis Pink Caddy Wedding

Our Pink Caddy Elvis Themed wedding is the Best Of Las Vegas Weddings! There is no place in town were you can drive into the chapel with Elvis in a 1964 Pink Cadillac convertible. Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel transforms into a themed theater were the bride and groom are the Stars of the Show. The Package comes with Dramatic fog effects as well as unbelievable Theme Lighting… Why do it at The Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel? Well the answer is simple: Best Singers in town featuring Ron DeCar, Brian Mills and Roland August. All three are top notch Las Vegas Strip Performers. Also, your friends and family can watch your wedding “LIVE” on our Free web cam service. You can also save it for later as an Archive in case someone misses the event! Our wedding chapel is the ONLY CHAPEL IN TOWN that does not charge there visitors to view your wedding online. If you’re looking for an Elvis Pink Caddy wedding, the answer is the one and only Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel !

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